Toddler Classrooms

Toddlers are ready to explore the world around them! This very busy age group will have many chances to engage senses throughout the day. Our toddler classrooms are set up to provide active learning at your child’s pace. Our toddler teachers know how to adapt their program based on the child’s interest and temperament. They provide an engaging environment that supports their inquisitive nature and takes advantage of teachable moments. In this classroom a daily schedule is being introduced and followed. Research has shown that consistency and scheduling are key to emotional well-being in children. Our teachers also introduce self-help skills in the classroom such as independent handwashing, transiting to cups, self-feeding and introductory potty training skills. Communication is key! Parents are informed of their child’s daily activities through a toddler daily sheet. The sheet includes diaper changes or restroom visits, meal information, nap schedule, overall temperament and special notes from your child’s teacher.

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