Extra Curricular Activities

Research supports preschool-age children develop at a rapid pace, and the more their senses are stimulated, the more well-rounded and prepared they will be for when it is time to enter Kindergarten. Extra-Curricular activities help children develop by promoting a positive social setting that will allow the children a chance to practice and grow their social skills. Children will benefit by building self-esteem and begin to develop self-concept. Choosing activities that allow children to move and be active are as equally important as challenging their mind. Physical activities come with their own added benefits.

We know that today’s families are very busy and time may not allow for extra-curricular activities at this stage in life. At Adora Childcare, we want to help our children and families grow by providing a variety of experiences. We currently have partnerships with two extra-curricular programs that you may choose to participate in. Tuition payments for extra-curricular activities will be made directly to the organization.


Ages 2.5 -6


What makes Amazing Athletes so… AMAZING?

  • Year-Round Classes
  • Basic Fundamentals of 10 sports (Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Track & Field, & Soccer)
  • 6 Key Areas of Motor Development
  • Confidence & Teamwork
  • 2 Sports per Class
  • Introduction to Muscles, Nutrition, and a Healthy Lifestyle!

Want to learn more about Amazing Athletes? Visit their website at


Ages 18 months – 6 yrs.

Weekly Educational Fitness Classes!

Tumblebus helps develop each child’s coordination, gross and perceptual motor skills and kinesthetic awareness.

Tumblebus features:

  • Padded Floors and Walls
  • Climate Controlled Atmosphere
  • Tumbling and Climbing Equipment
  • Monkey Bars
  • Trampoline
  • Rings
  • Balance Beams
  • Swings
  • Slide
  • Zip Line
  • And More!

Want to learn more about Tumblebus? Visit their website at 


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