STEAM Activities in Preschool Affect Kids’ Achievements

An asian girl conducting chemical experiment as part of STEAM activities

STEAM activities, as well as STEM, are still lively topics since 1990s . But, how do STEAM activities relate to your kindergartner? Can STEAM activities help your child develop academic skills?

Best 40 Fine Motor Activities For Preschool

fine motor activities

 The fine motor skills mean controlling the muscles in the hands and fingers of children. Every parent should assist their children in improving fine motor skills, so they manage how to do daily tasks such as tieing shoes, getting dressed up with button-zips. With the development of this ability, children can properly handle objects such as forks, scissors, and pencils.

Play Based Learning Strategies in Preschool Education

Play-based learning is an important model and strategy in preschool education. As a matter of fact, children are naturally inclined to play. And play-based learning benefits this inclination as an environment for learning.

Reading books to baby : 5 Tips


Reading books to your baby is an invaluable opportunity. From birth, by holding your baby in your arms, you feel delighted at the same time you feel parenthood responsibility. Because your heart full of love, you should concern so that you can have so many questions and thoughts about your baby's nutrition, clothes, sleeping patterns. Health and nourishment usually are your priorities, but you should also consider your baby's personal, social, and emotional development.

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