We are excited to begin registration for our new private kindergarten for Academic Year 2021-2022!

Private Kindergarten at Adora affords families the benefits of full-day instruction and optional after-care, reduced class size, enhanced curriculum, and language and arts enrichment.
Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are included. Health and safety are top priority. Parents are connected to what’s happening in the classroom through the use of our secure mobile app.
Teachers post their lesson plans, share pictures, and are able to communicate directly with parents on the easy-to-use platform.



Adora Childcare's kindergarten curriculum provides opportunities for instructional learning and hands-on activities that promote the development of the whole child, and ignite the path to academic success.

A continuation of our Play to Learn Curriculum, our Private Kindergarten curriculum centers play as the instructional vehicle for learning and development under four domains: Health & Physical Development, Language & Early Literacy, S.T.E.A.M. Building, and Global Citizenship. Aligned with state academic subject standards, Adora Childcare Private Kindergarten gives students the tools for academic success.

Language Arts/ English

Students will engage in lessons that have an emphasis on phonics, language skills, literature, and handwriting that will work simultaneously to help develop comprehension skills, build vocabulary and promote a life-long love of reading.


Students will be introduced to numbers up to 30. Lessons will promote learning through counting, comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting. Students will also engage in problem solving and encounter early concepts in place value, time, measurement and 2 & 3 dimensional objects.


Students will be provided opportunities to explore measurement, motion, matter, seasons, senses, our earth, plants/animals and astronomy. Students will build investigational and observational skills by making predictions and practicing recording and documenting their findings.

Social Studies

Students will learn about themselves and the world around them. Creative, hands-on lessons will introduce children to people and environments while learning about different cultures and societies. Students will work on community service projects and learn ways to give back to make the world a better place.

Visual Art

Students will be introduced concepts of line, shape, color, and more. Lessons will include concepts such as portraits landscapes, realistic, and abstract art. Students will engage in creating paintings, sculpture, and architecture.

Performing Arts

Students will engage in activities that promote dramatic and creative expression. Activities will include games, skits, stories, improvisation, props, introduction to instruments and creative movement/dance. Participating in these activities allows children to learn how to express emotion in healthy ways, teach coping skills, and relieve stress.


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